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321 Insight partners with schools to address student behavior challenges with engaging, concise, and relevant on-demand professional development and job-specific tools in the areas of paraprofessional effectiveness and trauma informed practices in schools. The ParaSharp series is a ready to use training toolkit that helps paraprofessionals become more effective with students by providing 3 to 13 minute videos and tools on topics such as creating personal and professional boundaries, avoiding power struggles, teaching academic and social emotional skills (in person and virtually), diversity and inclusive practices, and more. 321 Insight’s Trauma Informed PD toolkit will help you prepare for the unprecedented level of dysregulation we will see when students re-enter brick and mortar schools. From developing relationships and regulation skills, building resilience in students, to teaching SEL skills remotely, 321 Insight’s online PD is designed to help all staff address their own self-care and wellness needs, as well as the needs of students impacted by ACEs and COVID-19 trauma. 321 Insight is founded by clinical psychologists with over 60 years combined experience working in K-12 schools.