*Rescheduled for summer 2019*

ED311, SaulPaul Productions, & Life Anew Restorative Justice present
Be the Change:
A Restorative Practices Community Building Conference
A 3-day conference on how to build a restorative practices ecosystem in your community. An integrated training for educators, school administrators, faith leaders, community organizers, service providers, and law enforcement officers
What is a restorative practice ecosystem?
A restorative ecosystem is developed when the people living in the community; educators; law enforcement/judicial systems; and service providers interact with one another to create a culture of understanding, adaptation & collaboration.
Conference Takeaways
You will learn how to:

  1. Play your part
  2. Who to partner with
  3. How to develop those partnerships

Be the Change

*Rescheduled for summer 2019*

Award-winning Presenters
SaulPaul, 2017 Austinite of the Year and “Musician with a Message” in collaboration with Sherwynn Patton of Life Anew Restorative Justice, and Troy Gay, Chief of Staff of the Austin Police Department
Major learning outcomes
Restorative Practice Ecosystems
An Ecosystem requires the stakeholders in your city to function together as a unit to ensure equity for all. Come connect, contribute and collaborate.
Be the Change is for educators, school administrators, faith leaders, community organizers, service providers, and law enforcement officers
Tools for administrators, teachers, students, and families to build safer learning communities
Equipping the national body of law enforcement to be a part of building the Restorative Ecosystem nationwide through Life Anew’s evidence-based training
Activities for community-building and planning ecosystem implementation

Be the Change Presenters:


SaulPaul is a Musician with a Message. In 2017 he was named Austinite of the Year. In 2018 he received the Texas Civil Rights Project Rising Star Award. Also in 2018, SaulPaul was honored to have 2 hit singles climb the charts and become #1 songs on Sirius XM radio. SaulPaul has shared his story and his music at 2 TEDx talks, America’s Got Talent, as well as the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. For over a decade SaulPaul has earned an international reputation as an Artist and Activist known for entertaining and inspiring audiences across the world. SaulPaul uses his platform to promote social good and advocate for youth. As one who personally transitioned from prison incarceration to college graduation, SaulPaul is passionate about redirecting young people’s lives, training leaders and assisting in building restorative ecosystems and communities.

Sherwynn Patton

Sherwynn Patton is a minister that brings his work and expertise in the area of Restorative Practices into schools, communities, churches, and the workplace environment where trust is fragile yet critical to personal and organizational success. He has trained professionals, community leaders, and law enforcement alike on how to participate in a process that engages people in meaningful relationships that transform lives. Sherwynn’s work has opened up doors for him and his wife, Kim Patton, to be invited to the White House by President Barack Obama, win the State of Colorado Feature Film Award for the documentary Chasing Smoke, which chronicles the Pattons’ Restorative Justice work, and speaking engagements nationally and worldwide. Sherwynn is careful to give God the glory for these opportunities.

Chief Troy Gay

Troy Gay has served as an Assistant Chief of the Austin Police Department since 2013. Since August 2018, Chief Gay has served as Chief of Staff, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the department and playing a leading role in the department’s success in making Austin one of the safest major cities in the country. Chief Gay has overseen the development and implementation of the Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC) and the APD Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), as well as the deployment of public safety cameras, field fingerprinting devices, license plate readers, digital in-car cameras and department scheduling and educational software systems. Chief Gay continues to work actively to keep the Austin Police Department on the cutting edge of better service through innovation.

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