ED311 presents

The Fundamentals for STAAR Success

Improve classroom instruction and position students for success on the STAAR


When the going gets tough, focus on the Fundamentals.

The Fundamental 5 is your plan to improve classroom instruction and position students for success on the STAAR. Join best-selling education author, Sean Cain and the Lead Your School Team for a day of real world problem solving and concrete actions focused on elevating your students’ academic success.

Teachers who use these practices get better student performance. Teachers who do not, just work hard.

Learn the Fundamentals of:

  • Effective classroom set-up, enhanced lesson activities, and time management that optimize student outcomes.
  • Practices that allow teachers to harness the amplifying power of student effort.
  • The potent combination of teacher enthusiasm and student sweat equity.
  • Implementing meaningful note making in any classroom.
  • Which classroom activities have the biggest impact on STAAR performance, as well as when and how long those activities should be scheduled.
  • Consistent and appropriate Lesson Closure.

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A three day virtual workshop.

Join us for three live & online workshops
February 8th, 15th, and 22nd from 3:30PM – 5:00PM CT

This training is specifically designed for teachers and administrators


Attendees are eligible for up to 5 hours of continuing education credits.  Attendees are responsible for checking in online for the webinar and filling out an evaluation form in order to receive their Certificate of Attendance.

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About the Speakers

Sean Cain

Sean Cain is a nationally recognized school improvement expert and author of several best-selling education books, including The Fundamental 5 and The Fundamental 5 Revisited. A popular presenter, districts and schools across the country seek out Cain due to his ability to make complex problems solvable and transform theory into practice.

Lesa Cain

Lesa Cain is a recognized leader among principals. The campuses she led serve as models for other schools of what is possible. Schools seek her out for her ability to distill literacy instruction theory into actionable literacy instruction practice and expertise in campus leadership.

Terry Clapsaddle

Terry Clapsaddle is the newest member of the Lead Your School team. A successful principal, with elementary, middle, and high school experience, providing exceptional education and elevating opportunities for at-risk students is her passion and expertise.

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Laird

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Laird (U.S. Army Retired) is a respected nation presenter and the co- author of the best-selling books, The Fundamental 5, The Fundamental 5 Revisited, and Little Things Matter. Laird combines his school and military leadership experience to prepare today’s educator to succeed in the modern, high stakes school accountability environment.

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