Day 1 Breakouts
* Love and a First Year Behavior Unit Teacher: What I've Learned
* Riding the Media Storm
* Restorative Practice Strategies
* Self Care While Working with ED Students
* Brain and Behavior
*Mental Health in Schools
*Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom
* Application and Tools Making Progress with ED Students
*Piecefully Ours

Day 2 PM Breakouts
*  Love and Logic:  Time Proven Strategies
*  Writing Effective Behavior IEP Goals and Objectives
*  Suicide and Crisis Signs and Strategies
*  Social Skills for Students with Autism
*  Best Social Skills Toys and Gadgets
*  Behavior Shaping
*  Para-Power!  Strengthening the Para Role and Focus
* Mindfulness Strategies with ED Students
* Adolescent Drug Trends

Day 2 AM Breakouts
* Integrating Mindfulness into the Classroom
* Circle of Nurturance
* Accessing Community Resources and Services
* 12 Principles of Re-ED for ED Students
* Taking the Restorative Practices Exit off of the School to Prison Pipeline
* If One Size Fits All, Why Do We Have Sizes?
* Overview of PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training Curriculum
* Programming, Interventions, & Other Supports for Behavior & Sensory Needs
* Mental Health First Aid