Educational Consultant/Author



Dr. Andrea Ogonosky is a licensed psychologist, a licensed specialist in school psychology, and a nationally certified school psychologist who currently serves various roles in school districts across the United States. Her job duties include assessing students for IDEA disability conditions; conducting program reviews on Response to Intervention, Section 504, and Special Education; designing Response to Intervention systems of support for small, medium, and large school districts; providing professional development on a variety of educational and assessment topics; supplying expert testimony at local, state, and federal court; and supervising school psychology students at the master and doctoral level. Dr. Ogonosky has written five books on Response to Intervention and is a contributing author to Woodcock-Johnson IV: Reports, Recommendations, and Strategies. She began her educational career in Pennsylvania, where she was actively involved with the initial implementation of the Instructional Support Team process in that state. Since relocating to Houston, Texas, she has served in many capacities in school districts, from campus to central office leadership positions. Dr. Ogonosky served as an educational consultant with the Region 4 Educational Service Center prior to her current practice. She holds a doctorate in school psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and is a past president of the Texas Association of School Psychologists.