Restorative Coordinator

MALLORI - (Mason And Lori Lens On Restorative Ideology)



Victim to Victor: Using circles to heal and repair harm

I am Erica Mason-Colvin I am originally from Saginaw, Michigan. I graduated high school in AUSTIN, TEXAS. I earned a Bachelor in Social Work 2007 and a Bachelor in Education/Social Work Masters in 2011. I began working with youth through outreach and mentoring in 1993. I was an adult vocational instructor for six years in Dallas, Texas before returning to Austin, Texas in 1999. At that time, I founded my own event planning company, and also began working a mix of residential instruction, juvenile probation services, unaccompanied minors reunification, wrap around services, case management, and intervention programs with youth through an Austin based nonprofit agency in 2002.

I partnered with local slam poets and the Boys and Girls Club in 2007 to start writing
workshops and poetry slams as an after-school program at some of Austin’s toughest campuses. Soon thereafter I decided to switch my focus to public school interventions in 2008. In 2009, I became certified in Special Education. In 2010, I became certified in 4-8 Generalist and have been educating and supporting youth and families in Pflugerville Independent School District through community outreach, advocacy, circling, and academic support.

My Public school teaching career began at the Opportunity Center in Pflugerville as an Educational Aide, Resource Teacher, Behavior Specialist, and Special Populations Coordinator. I was the Restorative Coordinator at the DAEP located in Pflugerville, Texas for the last two years. I firmly believe building relationships is a non-negotiable when working with students and families. Certified in crisis prevention, trauma informed care, and Restorative, my practice addresses many facets and disciplines.

I was awarded Humanitarian of the year in in my district in 2014, survived breast cancer, and renamed my personal and professional mission to use my voice as my vessel, so I retired from extracurricular event planning in 2015. I began my journey in Restorative at that time. It became important to me to try to model the value in restorative practices and supporting our youth. It takes a village and I regard my position in the village seriously. I have had the privilege of training and working with several agencies regarding RJ and RP. Including but not limited to NEDRP, IRJRD, and RJIA. I am presently fostering and advocating the implementation of restorative practices in this district and community. I am a firm believer in the restorative circling process and am pleased to do my part in training others and providing information, and direct services.

My circle facilitation experience includes:
Circle Training, Modeling, and Guiding
Community Building and Planning
Workplace Conflict
Peer Conflict
End Of Life Planning
Adoption and Foster Family Reunification or Welcome Circles
Family Group Conference
Employee Team Building
DAEP Placement
Juvenile Victim Offender