Classroom Teacher

J.T. Stevens Elementary , FWISD



Piecefully Ours: Fitting together one puzzle piece at a time!

Meredith Beasley-Hutson is an educator committed to creating a positive learning environment that drives passion among her learners. She is currently an Applied Learning 2nd grade teacher for Fort Worth ISD. Prior to returning to FWISD, Meredith spent 6 years teaching a mastery, performance-based approach to learning in Armenia and Slovakia. During that time, she developed a new curriculum for the Kindergarten Literacy program for all 37 QSI International Schools. As a 13-year education veteran, Meredith has served as a mentor to students, teachers, and student-teachers; building relationships through meaningful experiences. She believes that student success is created through fostering a positive relationship, providing students with the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of their learning adventure.