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Safe & Supportive Schools with Dr. Michelle Parsons

Available training topics, customizable to your district’s needs:

SRO and Administrators…How to Coexist Successfully

Administrators and SRO/SBLE conceptualized in the school. Review promising methods proven to facilitate successful relationships between administrators and SRO/SBLEs. We will identify specific steps successful SRO programs have taken to eliminate potential problems. Identify the seven phases of escalating behavior and learn proactive, preventative strategies that will decrease the occurrence of escalating behavior and the use of restraints. Provide investigative guidelines for administrators and review how and when to call in the SRO/SBLE for support.

Achievement, Character, and Essential Skills (ACES): Programming for Success

Achievement, Character, and Essential Skills (ACES) program is a positive and non-punitive classroom environment designed to increase positive responding and decrease challenging behaviors using evidence-based behavior principles. This is accomplished by providing an environment that is highly structured and predictable, focusing on the direct teaching and practice of prosocial replacement behaviors, social skills, goal setting and attainment. The ACES program is structured as a five-level framework individualized for each student. Designed to meet the individualized needs of students who require intensive behavioral interventions and emotional supports as part of an Individualized Education Program (IEP), as determined by the Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) committee.

Identifying Potentially Dangerous Persons in Your School and Responding Appropriately

This presentation will provide updated information that will assist in learning how to identify the signals, signs, and behaviors that indicate a person poses a danger to themselves and others as well as efforts that can be made to assist in the prevention of these situations on a school campus.

Performance objectives :
• Provide practical information to consider when
developing a comprehensive plan to prevent
potential threats and/or acts of violence and how too respond.
• Increase participants ability to identify warning
signs of a potentially dangerous student.
• Define methods essential for preventing future
threats of violence on a campus.

About the presenter:

Dr. Michelle Parsons is an enthusiastic, engaging presenter with a wealth of information about models for successfully dealing with disruptive, challenging students. She has worked in diverse education settings as a teacher, campus administrator and district level administrator. As a prior Military Police for the Army, Sheriff’s deputy and probation officer, she has a variety of experience in criminal justice and with restorative practices. Dr. Parsons is the founder of Behavior Counts Education Consulting Services, a Subject Matter Expert for Texas State University, a special programs coordinator, as well as a CHAMPS trainer and Master CPI Trainer. Dr. Parsons has studied extensively on the subject of working with students with challenging behaviors and she is well versed on intervention strategies that can be used by all who work with students in any environment.

Dr. Parsons’ specialty is working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders and the staff who are charged with providing safe and successful educational experiences for these students. She has developed a program for social emotional learning being implemented in several districts throughout the DFW metroplex. The program is a self-contained program founded on the principal of positive reinforcement and focuses on LRE.

Dr. Parsons is in high demand at the state and local levels, as a speaker and a trainer and recently received accolades from the Office of the Texas House of Representatives for her extensive work in the development of HB 2684, School Based Law Enforcement Officer Training curriculum and training program. Her most recent accomplishments are the development of the SBLE Curriculum funded by the Texas governor’s office and offered through the Texas School Safety Center.

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