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Chronic Absenteeism, Truancy, Conflict Resolution, & Family Engagement

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Tiered Actionable Strategies to Decrease Chronic Absenteeism

Chronic absenteeism is on the rise in schools across the country. The latest national data reveals that roughly 70% of schools are experiencing increased student absences. Effectively addressing chronic absenteeism cannot be done in isolation. It takes a unified commitment from schools, families, and community stakeholders to implement actionable, innovative solutions to this growing issue.

Managing Staff Conflict with Leaders through Restorative Practices

Typically, educators don’t leave jobs because of the job. They usually leave jobs because of the negative district/campus culture amongst the educators. Whether it is an ongoing issue, a specific incident, or simply a tough decision you need to make, this session will guide attendees through PRACTICAL restorative tools, resources and strategies to help reach a resolution that increases retention and productivity in the learning environment. 

Truancy… County Court of District Support? The Attendance Review Board

Learn how to build district capacity to design an internal platform to hear individual family cases to discover the root causes of student attendance issues and implement appropriate district support. Focus on evidence-based approaches that change student behavior and increase student attendance amongst high-risk populations to re-engage students and families, improve graduation rates and increase the district’s attendance rate.

Rewriting the Rules of Engagement… Family Engagement

Participants will explore the power of trusting, effective school-family partnerships and its link to increased literacy and school improvement. 

About Sharon

Sharon Bradley is an educational consultant who serves as a school district administrator where she has helped shape the district’s approach to social and emotional development and truancy prevention for all students. Throughout her 22 years in education, she has served as department director, alternative high school principal, assistant principal, dropout prevention program coordinator, general education teacher, and special education teacher.


This guide should be a part of every school district in the country. As a former middle school principal of 13 years, students not coming to school was one of my biggest challenges. I commend Sharon Bradley for taking on this enormous task so that all stakeholders have the tools to begin to address this crucial student attendance problem in all of our schools.

Donella Reinl, M.Ed.

Director of Strategic Solutions, School Connect

In her Chronic Absenteeism Guide, social-emotional learning and restorative practice expert Sharon Bradley, M.ed., brings forth research-based, scalable, community-focused strategies designed to help educators intentionally and easily incorporate proven student-centered practices into their prevention and intervention plans with a whole-child lens to reduce absenteeism and create positive change. This guide is a must-have resource that outlines a proactive, multi-faceted approach to addressing chronic absenteeism and building supportive and inclusive environments.

Kyra Rhoads, M.OCL (22)

Senior Manager, Committee for Children, Organizational Change Leadership Consultant

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