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Cultural Aspects of Persons with a Disability: Equity Considerations &
Legal Updates from the Texas 88th Legislative Session that Impact LSSP Practices in the Schools

A brand-new, online training from renowned student support specialist Dr. Andrea Ogonosky

Join Dr. Ogonosky as she provides an in depth discussion covering Texas House and Senate bills impacting LSSP credential practices, TEA guidance regarding adherence to NASP Ethical Standards, The culture of disability through the lens of the NASP model of Social Justice, and Updates from the Institute on Disability Culture. This 6 hour training is designed for Licensed Specialists in School Psychology interested in earning credit to renew their certifications.


Legal Updates from the Texas 88th Legislative Session that Impacts LSSP Practices in the Schools
Legal & Ethical (3 hours)

This training session provides information on selected Texas House and Senate Bills which impact many of the practices involved with the LSSP credential.  Participants are given an overview of the bill along with additional guidance provided by TEA to ensure continued adherence to NASP Ethical Standards for the provision of services in the schools. Participants are required to complete a short exam at the end of the training for receipt of the certificate of completion.

Cultural Aspects of Persons with a Disability:  Equity Considerations
Multicultural (3 hours)

This training session explores the culture of disability through the lens of the NASP model of Social Justice which is also aligned to the NASP standards.  Participants are provided with updated information arising from the Institute on Disability Culture which provides a lens for practitioners to view the cultural challenges faced by children, youth, and adults with disabilities.   Information is shared on the recommended book study (Disability Visibility) from NASP.  At the conclusion of the training, participants are required to complete a short exam for receipt of the certificate of completion. 

An online, on-demand training

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Attendees are eligible for up to 6 hours of continuing education credits.  Attendees are responsible for checking in online for the webinar, completing the examinations, and filling out an evaluation form in order to receive their Certificate of Attendance.

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About Andrea

Dr. Andrea Ogonosky is a licensed psychologist, a licensed specialist in school psychology, and a nationally certified school psychologist who currently serves various roles in school districts across the United States. Her job duties include assessing students for IDEA disability conditions; conducting program reviews on Response to Intervention, Section 504, and Special Education; designing Response to Intervention systems of support for small, medium, and large school districts; providing professional development on a variety of educational and assessment topics; supplying expert testimony at local, state, and federal court; and supervising school psychology students at the master and doctoral level.

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