ED311 presents

The Reboot: School Operations in An Unpredictable World

Be proactive this school year! Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is a numbers game, and Sean will show you how to roll the die responsibly. ED311 has teamed up with respected educational consultant Sean Cain to get you the need-to-know info on school operations during a pandemic. Customize an on-site, in-district professional development day with your team.

Topics May Include

  • How to meet the demanding new health and hygiene needs of everyone on campus
  • How to optimize the very precious time available in the classroom
  • and how to best continue academic services in a quarantine environment.


I wish I could give 10’s for today’s webinar. This is the most relevant information we have been given in the last two months!!!  


Principal, Holland ISD

Very vital information. Loved it. Helps clear up many questions about what to do when school opens up in the fall.


Middle School Principal, Crane ISD

This was by far the best webinar. It was full of useful information and Mr. Cain was very engaging. He gave us information we could use and not a recap on what we know. If I could have rated him higher I would have. Mr. Cain was AWESOME!  


Assistant Principal, Everman ISD

The Reboot Classroom is here! Paperbacks and eBooks available!

  1. Keep the Adults Alive
  2. Keep the Students Safe
  3. Keep the School Open

The priorities of schools and classrooms have changed. Without question—fair or not—the work of implementing, monitoring, and managing the processes that will keep staff and students healthy, and schools open fall squarely on the shoulders of teachers. As teachers we need to make sure that we focus on the right work and in the right order. In this book, Sean Cain and Mike Laird present a practical, reasoned plan of action for teachers that addresses how to create and maintain a healthy and hygienic classroom; meet the emotional needs of students; and deliver effective instruction while working in the middle of a pandemic. What can one teacher do? A lot!

About Sean

Sean Cain spent the formative years of his career working in difficult instructional settings. Recognized for the success of both his students and the systems he designed and implemented, he quickly moved up through the instructional leadership ranks. This culminated in his last public education position as State Director of Innovative School Redesign (Texas).

Currently, Cain serves as the Chief Idea Officer for Lead Your School (LYS), a confederation of successful school leaders dedicated to improving student, campus, and district performance. A passionate speaker, Cain is a sought-after national presenter and trains educators in schools and districts across the county.

Customize an on-site, in-district professional development day

Virtual trainings that you can use to train your whole campus or district are available and pricing is based on the size of your district. Discounts available for multi-day trainings

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